2 Sauces Dropped, Limited Time Only

Meet the two sauces new to the family of McD’s sauces you already love—the Sweet & Spicy Jam and our take on Mambo Sauce inspired by the DC classic.

The only real question is, which saucy pairing will you try first—Sweet & Spicy + Chicken McNuggets®? Mambo + McCrispyTM? Get them with your next order in the app for pickup or McDelivery.*

*At participating McDonald’s for a limited time. McDelivery prices may be higher than at restaurants. Delivery/other fees may apply.

From creamy, to spicy, to sweet—explore our delicious variety of McDonald’s dipping sauces and condiments.

Find your nearest restaurant and order your favorite McDonald’s sauce from our full menu in the app using contactless Mobile Order & Pay* for pickup or McDelivery®.

*At participating McDonald’s. Delivery prices may be higher than at restaurants. Delivery/other fees may apply.

Dipping Sauces

Tangy Barbecue Sauce

Our perfect Tangy BBQ Sauce is made with a tomato paste base and has a sweet hickory smoke flavor, vinegar, and savory spices.

Spicy Buffalo Sauce

Our McDonald's Spicy Buffalo Sauce is a peppery salt and vinegar-flavored sauce, with a slight buttery note and developing heat.

Creamy Ranch Sauce

McDonald's Creamy Ranch Sauce is a mildly tart ranch sauce with a savory onion and garlic flavor.

Honey Mustard Sauce

McDonald's Honey Mustard Sauce dipping sauce blends zesty dijon mustard with sweet notes of honey.


McDonald's Honey is Grade A Pure, simple, and delicious. Try it as a dipping sauce with your Chicken McNuggets®.

Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce

Sweet 'N Sour Sauce at McDonald's is a sweet and sour apricot and peach-flavored sauce with savory spices and slight lingering heat.

Condiments & Other Sauces


McDonald’s sweet, classic topping made from red ripe tomatoes.


Mustard adds a tangy taste and a tiny hint of spice to your meal.


The perfect thick, creamy sandwich topper made with egg yolk, mustard flour and vinegar.

Tartar Sauce

McDonald's tartar sauce is the creamy, classic Filet-O-Fish® topper made with pickle relish, onion, and parsley.

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