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McDonald’s is conducting a very productive customer satisfaction survey at The idea is to verify that are their customers are happy with their products and services.

McDonald’s is one of the prominent and leading fast-food chains in the world, which focuses primarily on customer satisfaction and good customer experience.

The basic motive of this online survey is to certify that the international quality of their products and services is meeting the expectations of their valuable customers.

McDonald’s always concentrates to deliver unparalleled service and product experience for their clients.

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The idea behind this customer satisfaction survey is to gather genuine feedback from their customers. You can give your opinion and tell them about your experience through this survey.

This will help them to maintain and improve their services so you can always get the ultimate food experience from McDonald’s. Your feedback is significantly crucial for them.


With this survey, McDonald’s offer their customers a voucher coupon that can be redeemed by visiting McDonald’s outlet. With these coupons, you can have interesting discounts or free meals. You can easily give them your valuable feedback by visiting

Customer’s Satisfaction at McDonald’s

McDonald’s is famous for its finest products and customer satisfaction. Their team is fully trained to provide you the best customer experience.

With the help of your feedback, they can enhance your experience and customer satisfaction at each step from making a choice to purchase McDonald’s product to placing your order, payment process, receiving your order, and post-purchase experience.

This survey has a prime focus on the following things  

• Quality of food

• Our services

• Customer’s satisfaction

• Ordering process

• Ambiance of outlet

• Employee’s behavior

• Complaint Handling

• Delivery and much more

How to Take McDonald’s Survey (Overview)


The customer satisfaction survey of McDonald’s is immensely easy. You can fulfill their survey with these easy steps


1. To give your precious feedback from this survey, kindly log in to



2. After visiting the official website, kindly select your required language Either Spanish or English.


3. Then enter the 26-digit survey code. This code is present in the middle of your McDonalds receipt. Or if you do not find the survey code, then you can enter the store number that you visit, your visit date and the time of your visit.


4. After putting the entire correct information click begin to start their customer’s satisfaction survey


5. Answer correctly and fairly all the questions. You will get the questionnaire list.

The survey of McDonald’s will include questions related to quality, services, behavior, and much more.


6. After giving your respected answers, Kindly press the submit button.


7. At the end of this process, you will receive the validation code. Kindly note down this code because this voucher code will give you a discount or a free meal on your next visit to McDonald’s.

For detailed information about each step including screenshot for McDvoice Survey Click Below

Term & Conditions for McDonald’s Customer satisfaction survey


McDonald’s has specific terms and conditions. It is essential to read them before starting the survey. This helps you to understand the basic criteria of filling the survey


• You can take a maximum of 5 surveys in a month, per store.


• The coupon voucher that you will get at the end of the survey has an expiry of 30 days. You can avail its offer within 30 days from the issue date.


• Your age must be 15 or above to fill our customer satisfaction survey.


• Another important thing is, you can only use last week’s receipt to get registered in this survey.


• The applicant must be a resident of Canada or the USA.


• McDVOICE has the authority to suspend the voucher without any prior notification.


• You are not part of McDonald’s staff in the past.


Advantages of Filling McDvoice Survey


McDonald’s is an international fast-food company with a prime focus on customer satisfaction. Their philosophy is that nothing can make them happy than their satisfied customers. For them, your satisfaction and great experience are worthless.

McDonald’s try to focus on each step so that you can get the best customer service. They emphasize on the quality of each interaction that you will have with their staff. Their team of experts has a profound knowledge to deliver you the best.


By filling their customer satisfaction survey, you can help them to improve and grow. Your comments and feedbacks are immensely essential for them. Their staff is always available to assist you and accommodate all your complaints with care.


Mcdonald’s always focuses on introducing new scrumptious food items for you on a regular basis. They need to know that are you liking their products or not and how can they bring improvement to deliver a better product.

This can only be possible with the help of this survey. This survey will not take more than a few seconds but will give you the best experience each time you visit them.


The gathered results from your survey enable them to bring improvement in all areas including development, manufacturing, dealing, delivering, and much more


McDonald’s take care of their clients at each step. The best part is, you do not fill this survey for free. They are giving you a reward for filling it. You can get a coupon that you can avail on your next visit.

Interesting right? So fill their McDvoice survey at and help them in developing as your favorite fast-food chain and enjoy your free voucher.


McDonald’s Customer Service


Their team of professionals is working hard to assist you 24/7. In case you do not access their official website then kindly check your internet connection. And if still, the issue prevailed kindly clear all cookies.


If you still face any problem you can always contact them on their number given below


Toll-free number: 1-800-244-6227


Timings: 7 am to 7 pm

If you are from  Canada or From UK and Want to take Mcdonald’s Customer Survey online then you can still participate online and I have provided enough information including a screenshot.

McDonald’s Survey Canada

BenefitGet free food or discount offers during their next McDonald’s Canada visit.

Mcdonald’s Survey UK

Benefit 🎁🎁 : You may win McDonald’s BigMac & Fries for £1.99 after doing an online survey 

Your reaction may be like this after seeing surprising rewards which Mcdonald Offers for their customer just for providing their valuable feedback. Check Mcdonalds Menu As well.

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