Mcdonald’s Secret Menu (Updated-2021)

Mcdonald’s Secret Menu 2021

If there’s a familiar thing that anyone anywhere in the world returns to repeatedly, It’s McDonald’s. What do you do when you’re tired of the regular McNuggets or fries?

People from all over the globe have joined forces to create McDonald’s secret menu, and we’ve got the inside scoop. View of what that you can purchase today.

Mcdonald's Secret Menu

Secret Menus Guru offers the most up-to-date and most well-known current McDonald’s Secret Menu products and costs.

These items aren’t the typical McDonald’s food options since they are not typically featured in any McDonald’s menu. Some of the things might be classified so that employees do not are aware of them.

For instance, the McGangBang mixture of two McDoubles, and a McChicken will cost you $2.00. All you have to do is sandwich the McChicken inside the McDoubles patties of beef for this to happen.

Below are the most up-to-date McDonald’s Secret Menu products and their prices.

Complete List Of McDonald’s Secret Menu


Below are the latest McDonald’s Secret Menu Items

2 Cheeseburger Meal Extra Cheeseburger in a Cheeseburger Meal $4.69
Egg Burger Add eggs to any burger which doesn’t already contain any $3.99
All American Plain Burger with ketchup and pickles $1.00
Apple Pie McFlurry Blend McDonald’s Apple Pie with a McFlurry $2.69
Big Mac ‘n’ Cheese Big Mac without the Patties, suited for a Vegetarian $3.99
Big McChicken Big Mac substitute Buns for McChicken Patties $6.99
Biscuits and Gravy McDonald’s Biscuits covered in Gravy $1.99
Caramel Apple Sundae Hot Caramel Sundae (with nuts) with added Apple Chunks $1.99
Chicken Cordon Bleu McMuffin Egg McMuffin with original McChicken patty or Spicy McChicken patty added inside $4.69
Chicken McGriddle McChicken Patty inside two McGriddles $3.99
Cinnamon Melt a La Mode McDonald’s soft serve vanilla Ice Cream in Cinnamon Melts $2.99
Fries with Big Mac Sauce Big Mac Sauce Drizzled onto your McDonald’s Fries $1.79
Grilled Cheese Grilled Buns with Cheese inbetween $0.99
Hash Browns McMuffin Crispy hash brown patty added to your favorite breakfast sandwich $2.59
Land, Sea, and Air Burger Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, & McChicken assembled as desired $8.49
Mc10:35 Egg McMuffin with extra McDouble Burger Patties $3.49
McBrunch Burger Jalapeno Double with a Round Egg and Hash Brown added inside $4.59
McCrepe Hotcake filled with the Yogurt Parfait $3.49
McGangBang McChicken Sandwich inside of a McDouble $2.00
McKinley Mac Big Mac with Quarter Pound Patties $4.49
McLeprechaun Shake Blend of both the Shamrock & Chocolate Shakes $2.49
Monster Mac Big Mac with Eight Beef Patties $6.49
Neapolitan Shake Blend of Strawberry, Vanilla, & Chocolate Shakes $2.49
Orange Creamsicle Vanilla Ice Cream in a cup splashed with Orange Hi-C $1.00
Poor Man’s Big Mac McDouble with extra Lettuce and Big Mac Sauce without Ketchup and Mustard $1.49
Root Beer Float Vanilla Ice Cream in Root Beer or Coke $1.99
Strawberry Eggnog Shake 50/50 blend of Strawberry & Eggnog Shakes $2.49

Below you will find more detailed information on each and every food item.

Mcdonald’s Secret Menu Items

The McDonald’s secret menu has 27 items. McDonald’s secret menu These items are right for you.

Mcdonald’s 2 Cheeseburger Meal

Mcdonald's Secret Menu

As easy as it sounds, this food item is the one that has become McDonald’s the most well-known hidden food item.

This is because the food item on the menu was once featured on the menu alongside many other popular food items. 

For this item, request the Two Cheeseburger Meal. It is two Cheeseburger that is added to the original Cheeseburger Meal.

While it may seem like an excellent idea, it has a whopping 930 calories. It will fill your appetite.

Mcdonald’s Egg Burger

Mcdonald's Secret Menu

This item gives you the freedom to choose and lets you pick which burger you feel is suitable to add a fried egg on top.

Because of McDonald’s all-day Breakfast Menu, this trick will not only make breakfast a dinner time but also give your taste buds something they’ll surely remember shortly.

When you order, request crispy eggs to accompany the delicious burger that you’ve chosen to enjoy.

Mcdonald’s All American

Mcdonald's Secret Menu

This is a good option for those who like the classic hamburger with pickles and ketchup.

This burger gives the eater a break from other processed food, making it an enjoyable, light snack for those interested.

For ordering this burger, request an All American Burger and if you are unsure, request a basic beef patty served on the bun, with just pickles and ketchup.

Mcdonald’s Apple Pie McFlurry

Mcdonald's Secret Menu

Ever tried McDonald’s Apple Pie? Have you tried their McFlurries? Imagine combining them to create an exquisite delicacy and treating your taste buds with something extraordinary.

It would help if you tried this recipe, and you’ll never leave a McDonald’s without it ever again.

For order, request the McFlurry and an Apple Pie, but politely ask them to mix the pie into the McFlurry, and if not, you could do it yourself by mixing both.

Mcdonald’s Big Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Mcdonald's Secret Menu

Who would have thought that a Big Mac could ever become vegetarian-friendly? Now, thanks to this hidden menu item, you can enjoy the same layout of the Big Mac just without the patties.

This sesame seed, non-meat bun, topped with lettuce American cheese onions, pickles, and onions McDonald’s special Big Mac sauce will surely provide a refreshing alternative for those tired from McDonald’s Salads.

To order, just request for your Big Mac comes without the beef patties, but with everything else.

Mcdonald’s Big McChicken

Mcdonald's Secret Menu

There’s no reason to fret about not eating enough of the Big Mac as this secret menu item is sure to.

This item of food gives those who love meat a completely new perspective when ordering hamburgers.

Substituting McChicken patties in place of Big Mac buns allows for an innovative and flavorful way to order and consume McDonald’s hamburgers.

For order, request the Big Mac and three McChickens. Replace your Big Mac buns with the patties.

McDonalds Biscuits and Gravy

Mcdonald's Secret Menu

“Biscuits and Gravy ” Biscuits and Gravy” are among McDonald’s most well-known “secret menu” items in the South.

They’re not without reason. They’re delicious! Alongside the delicious biscuits, they are smothered with a substantial amount of gravy made from sausage.

If you’ve got the chance, consider asking for McDonald’s Biscuits and Gravy from McDonald’s secret menu.

According to us, these Biscuits, as well as the Gravy, are something you must try.

They might not be everywhere, but they’re worth a shot when they are. While you’re ordering, make sure to have a drink to drink it down!

McDonalds Caramel Apple Sundae

Mcdonald's Secret Menu

The McDonalds Caramel Apple Sundae from the secret menu is a dessert that may appear not to be a huge difference. However, it makes a difference to the taste of this dessert.

It alters it from a Hot Caramel Sundae from a purely sweet and creamy dessert to one that adds a touch of apple crispness to bring back the county fair feel.

Perhaps it’s even healthier, as it adds some fiber to your meal; however, it will not instantly transform dessert into a healthier choice regardless of how hard you attempt to convince yourself.

Regardless of the way you spell it, Carmel or caramel is simple and delicious, with a buttery flavor to it.

It’s not a bad idea to try this sweet treat, and it’s cheap enough not to break the budget if you can afford it.

You should try something different or try McFlurry with Macaroni Pie McFlurry If you’re looking to sample a different apple-themed dish from McDonald’s.

McDonalds Chicken Cordon Bleu McMuffin

Mcdonald's Secret Menu

What’s more delicious than brunch in McDonald’s? With this menu item, there isn’t much.

It’s made up of lots of ingredients that are included in Cordon Bleu.

For ordering, you’ll need an Egg McMuffin with McChicken patties inside.

McDonalds Chicken McGriddle

Mcdonald's Secret Menu

While this item is not listed on McDonald’s secret menu, it’s become extremely popular, so much that it found it on the menus of some McDonald’s across the Southeastern areas in the United States.

You can place a McChicken Patty between the two McGriddle Cakes to make it all together.

McDonalds Cinnamon Melt a la Mode

McDonald's Secret Menu

If breakfast could not be any better, it would come with this incredible and delicious delight.

This product combines one from McDonald’s famed Cinnamon melts and their numerous Vanilla Ice Creams.

To enjoy this delicious dessert, you’ll have to purchase Cinnamon melts and Vanilla Ice Cream and simply put the ice cream on the top of the warm Cinnamon melts, and then eat it up.

McDonalds Fries with Big Mac Sauce

Mcdonald's Secret Menu


There’s nothing to talk about with regard to this item except for the launch of a brand new dip sauce to McDonald’s French fries.

To purchase, just ask them to place the Big Mac Sauce into a dip cup to make it easy for fries accessibility.

McDonalds Grilled Cheese

Mcdonald's Secret Menu


If you’re a fan of cheeseburgers, It’s time to try something different and interesting.

This is the McDonald’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich. The sandwich is made simple, but the flavor is unimaginable.

When ordering, ask for the buns to be cooked and then add cheese on top.

McDonalds Hash Browns McMuffin

Mcdonald's Secret Menu

Similar to similar to the Egg Burger this sandwich lets you include a hash brown patty to any of your most-loved breakfast sandwiches.

 Change the way you eat breakfast at McDonald’s food.

 For ordering, you’ll need just ask them to include a hash brown patties to any breakfast item you like.

McDonalds Land, Sea, and Air Burger

Mcdonald's Secret Menu

The delicious hamburger lives up to its name since it is comprised of three elements—a Big Mac (Land), Filet-O-Fish (Sea), and McChicken (Air).

For you to experience this beast of a burger, you’ll require an order of a Big Mac, a Filet-O-Fish and the McChicken.

When you’ve received your order, put it together as you would like.

McDonalds Mc10:35

Mcdonald's Secret Menu

For this combo to be ordered, you’ll need to be punctual and locate an hour between 10:00 am and 11:15 am.

take advantage of this combo on The McDonald’s Secret Menu Items.

For your order, ask for an Egg McMuffin and McDouble. For the final touch, put hamburger patties in the McMuffin.

McDonalds McBrunch Burger

Mcdonald's Secret Menu

Because of McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu, this burger has a possibility, and it combines some of McDonald’s finest ingredients.

Like eggs, Jalapenos, hash browns and cheese.

When you place your order and ask your cashier to include all of these ingredients in the burger you choose.


McDonalds McCrepe

Mcdonald's Secret Menu

This is among those items that replace the “Crepes” menu item in McDonald’s. It’s a mouthwatering McDonald’s Hotcake stuffed with a McDonald’s yoghurt parfait.

It’s not difficult to believe that it is delicious. Another breakfast dish that will amaze your friends.

To order, ask for the Hotcake and a yoghurt Parfait.

Then, garnish your Hotcake with the yoghurt parfait and then finish your breakfast by folding Hotcake in half.

McDonalds McGangbang

Mcdonald's Secret Menu

McGangBang McGangBang blends two of the sought-after food items available.

The secret menu item is only one McChicken sandwich as well as one McDouble.

For orders, you’ll have to request the McChicken sandwich, as well as one McDouble and then place one McChicken sandwich between two patties in the McDouble.

This will result in the well-known McGangBang special menu items.

McDonalds McKinley Mac

Mcdonald's Secret Menu

If you’re in the market for the size of a Big Mac, then this secret menu item is precisely what you’re looking for.

A mix with two Big Mac and quarter pounds is utilized instead of those tiny normal-sized Big Mac beef patties.

For this meat lover’s special menu item, request the Big Mac with Quarter Pound patties instead of typical patties of beef.

McDonalds McLeprechaun Shake

Mcdonald's Secret Menu

Are you unable to remember to wear green to celebrate St. Patrick day? Then look no further because this Shake can not only shield you from snagging

but make a stunning new friend to keep close to you while walking to work or perhaps taking an ice-cold drink at work.

This unique but attractive Shake comes with the appearance of a Chocolate Shake base with Shamrock on top, and topped with the swirl of whipped cream and then finished with a red cherry to top it off.

To purchase, you’ll need for a wait of three months until March, then request for a McDonald’s staff member to prepare this blend of Shakes made of Chocolate Shake and a Shamrock Shake.

McDonalds Monster Mac

Mcdonald's Secret Menu

The Burger is known as one of the leanest food items on the menu; this Monster Mac provides everything you need to make a great burger comprising cheese, pickles, lettuce, Big Mac sauce and beef patties encased in buns.

This mouthwatering Burger shall consist of eight or more Beef Patties to create one delicious cheese Burger, depending on whether you buy additional eight cheese slices to be melted inside the Burger.

For order, request the Big Mac with eight extra beef patties (and optionally, eight cheese slices).

McDonalds Neapolitan Shake

McDonalds Secret Menu

Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate. The typical blend of Neapolitan Ice Cream is now available. 

McDonald’s offers three different flavors in shakes; why don’t you test the Neapolitan McDonald’s Shake?

The McDonald’s Shake blends Strawberry, Vanilla, and Chocolate into one deliciously thought Shake that will make everybody wanting to have a piece for themselves.

Request the same mix of Strawberry, Vanilla, and Chocolate in a tiny medium or enormous McDonald’s Shake for order.

McDonalds Orange Creamsicle

McDonalds Secret Menu

Hi-C is consumed each day by all children in America and, for many, is still a staple drink used to quench thirst.

McDonald’s vanilla Ice Cream Cup is a highly well-known item ordered by the typical consumer, particularly during summer.

Purchase a vanilla ice cream cup and then add the Hi-C drinks for this spicy, flavorful, and tasty vanilla ice cream mix.

McDonalds Poor Man’s Big Mac

McDonalds Secret Menu

Don’t let the name of this Burger deter you from ordering it as it’s not just cheaper than the standard Big Mac burger but is also a significant cut off the 563 calories that a Big Mac packs.

The simple combo of the McDouble and Big Mac Sauce, excluding the Ketchup and Mustard, gives you the Big Mac sensation but also more satisfying for your stomach and your daily calories.

McDonalds Root Beer Float

McDonalds Secret Menu

If you’re an avid Root Beer lover or even a Coke addict, this secret menu item is the next option.

The drink will not just be chilled, but it will also provide the two-for-one package with Ice cream and beverages.

To order, request the water cup or size of the drink with Vanilla Ice Cream at the bottom.

At the drink dispenser, choose Root Beer or Coke and begin filling.

McDonalds Strawberry Eggnog Shake

McDonalds Secret Menu

With this mouthwatering Shake, you’ll be able to be surrounded by people asking what you’re drinking.

Mixing Eggnog with Strawberry Shakes, this drink is guaranteed to boost the holiday spirit.

Although it’s only available until December, the flavor of it is sure to be worth the long wait.

When ordering, request the half-and-half blend with Strawberry as well as Eggnog shakes.

McDonald’s Secret Menu Items Full Details

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