McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Online 

McDonald is one of the first choices of customers not only in India but across the globe when it comes to good food and quality meal. After Subway, McD is one of the most famous fast food chains running across the world.

Being it kids, adults or old age people McDonald has developed its taste in such a way that everyone is having the obsession of eating a meal from McDonald rather than going to any other restaurant or order from anywhere else.

But McDonald always offers customers to provide their valuable feedbacks to customers as and whenever required so that they must be aware of what customers are feeling in order to increase their supply chain.

Providing feedback in McDonald is considered one of the most important aspects since they are not serving one or two people, they are responsible for millions of people’s taste and trust. Keeping customer trust is the key factor that McDonald always tries to maintain.

McDonald always tries to provide the best quality to their customer and the survey is mainly created with the aim that if McDonald is lacking somewhere in providing any kind of service then they can achieve that with the help of those feedback or survey conducted.

Now the main question here arises, how to participate in the McDvoice survey and who can take part in this survey? survey can be done by any customer who visited any of the McDonald stores even for once, it’s not a hard and fast rule that you have to be a regular customer of McDonald for being part of this survey. It is an open forum for everyone to express their particular views regarding the services offered/provided by McDonald. If you want to get more information about Papa Murphy’s Feedback Survey so don’t worry you are in the right place.

Taking part in McD survey can be done in very simple steps, the steps are mentioned briefly below:

STEP 1: Visit the official survey site of McDonald Feedback portal

Just need to go to the official site of McDonald’s

By visiting links customer can provide their valuable feedback regarding the meals they had in McDonald.

mcdvoice survey

Many of the McDonald supply chains must be providing the best quality in every sense for customer but it’s not always that every franchise opened in any part of the country is giving the same valuable services to the customers, for that purpose customer can provide their valuable suggestions regarding the restaurant they visited last and in case they face any issue they can mention the same in the feedback form.

STEP 2. Select a suitable language

The feedback form is available in English as well as Spanish, whichever is convenient for the user they can provide feedback in their own language.

STEP 3: 26-digit survey code/details of the store visited

Whenever you will be visiting any of the McDonald’s stores, the bill of the order you have purchased must be having one 26-digit survey code in the middle or second line. While doing the survey the first thing you need to enter is this 26-digit survey code.

If in case you are not able to find the survey code on your receipt you need to enter the store number you have visited and the date and time at which you have visited the store.

Since the information about the reactions to a product you have purchased must be correct and should be inappropriate direction, make sure the data which you are providing is appropriate and as per the mark.

STEP 4: Answering the survey questions

Once you are done with the above three steps, then you can start providing your feedback or in case any suggestion you want to provide for improving McDonald’s services better.

Basically, this survey page will be having all the questions corresponding to the satisfaction of customer and customers are free to provide their inputs on these questionnaires.

mcdvoice survey step

These questions will be covering basic topics like:

1. Quality of food

2. Service provided by the restaurant

3. The behavior of the staff present at that time


In the first question, you need to specify that how the quality of the food they are providing, is it best as per you or does it need any kind of improvement and if the improvement is needed and you feel any specific area of improvement you need to mention that.


Coming to the second question, in this you need to provide the service they are delivering, like if you have waited for a longer duration which was obviously not expected, you can mention the same over here or in case the table was not available, the restaurant was not enough spacious as per the crowd available or the air condition or ventilation facility was good or bad, you can mention everything here.


The third and one of the most important questions in the feedback form is the behavior of the staff. As the staff is representing the McDonald, they must be well educated and trained in a manner that they should behave gently with the customers.

If in case you felt that the behavior of the whole staff or any specific staff member was not good in treating you, you can mention the same here.

Once you are done with the survey, you can just click on the submit button for submitting your input.

On clicking the submit button, you will receive a validation code, save that validation code for your next visit to the store and you can easily redeem this code whoever visiting the store next. This coupon has some special offer provided by McDonald’s like buy one get one or something else more interesting.


For McDonald’s customer satisfaction is their priority, the feedback or survey you have completed is not just you have filled and nobody is looking into it. These surveys are read by the management of McDonald and are taken action as early as required.

Sometimes there must be changes that the feedbacks or survey filled by you for a particular restaurant is not implemented as early as you wished, but that nowhere means that your feedback was not considered or it is being ignored. It will definitely be implemented as per customers as soon as possible.

Growing their franchise is always easy for McDonald as the name itself is enough for creating trust but McD knows that for maintaining that trust satisfaction of the customer is a must and every McDonald’s customer should be satisfied with all the three aspects mentioned in the feedback or survey portal.

So, whenever you will be visiting McDonald next, make sure at the end you do not forget to provide the feedback or survey for the specific McDonald’s restaurant you have visited. Even if you are interested to take a survey for Taking survey then you can simply participate it.

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